The Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce held the annual general meeting last Tuesday the evening of the 28th August at Pullman’s Magenta Shore. The meeting addressed both the election of the Chamber’s new President and Executive Committee and the launch of a new corporate re-branding for the Chamber.

Established on 12 September, 1925, the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce is a member based not-for-profit organisation overseen by members, for its members. For over 90 years the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce has been supporting local businesses in the Wyong Region.

On the night the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce elected the new Executive committee for 2018-19. The Executive committee are elected and appointed from members of the Chamber and whom bring a range of varied skill sets to provide direction for the Chamber and its members.

The following representatives form the new Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee:

President – Ron Stevens
Vice President – Darren Hooper
Secretary – Nathan Johns
Treasurer – Susan Rodak
Director – Mark Cooper
Director – Patrick Zuluaga
Director – Joanne Cho
Director – Glenn Zocher
Director – Georgia Thomas
Director – Tim Oliver
Director – Klara Kaye

New Brand launch

The Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce launched its new branding on the same evening which was to signify a new direction for the Chamber and its members in response to the changing business environment on the Central Coast. The new branding was designed to represent opportunity, the core principle in which guides the focus of the chamber.

Scott Beatty from PSD Brand Design said on the night “Opportunity was the one value that connected us all… the opportunity for individuals, the opportunity for business, and the opportunity for the greater central coast business community.” when speaking about the values that were representative of the new brand.

The new branding is part of a new marketing direction for the chamber and supports the chambers core purpose, values and culture for the future. The brand was created in partnership with a local brand agency, PSD Brand Design and a digital agency, AS Digital, who formed the new brand identity and designed systems to drive efficiency to enable the chamber to invest more time with its members.
“Less software, and less admin for the chamber and more value for the members is essentially what we have achieved together.” Alex said from AS Digital.

Ron Stevens the president of the Wyong Chamber spoke at the evening saying “Communication is the key to success. Doesn’t matter what sort of communication that is, then that’s where we have to go.” and later spoke about the brand saying; “I love it! Something different, fresh clean and a fabulous message.”

Ron Stevens, President of the Chamber was one of 5 speakers who spoke on the evening about the re-brand. Other speakers included Scott Beatty from PSD Brand Design, Alex Stewart from AS Digital, Katrina Woolcott, WRCoC Administrator and Daniel Farmer from the NSW Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel Farmer from the NSW Chamber of Commerce said “I suppose any re-brand is not about the flashy logo and the smart website, they are vital tools. It’s the ethos of the re-brand and what stands behind that. As Ron said this chamber is all about progression and going forward.”

This really summed up the key message about the evening, it was about a new direction for the chamber in the way it helped foster the growth of the local business community.

The night was a another feather in the cap of the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce rich history of over 90 years and will provide the Chamber and its members in good sted for another 90 years.

Credit: A very special thank you to Glen and his team from Studio2You

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